EVO PDF Split Library for .NET Documentation

EvoPdf.PdfSplit Namespace

EVO PDF Split Library for .NET
This namespace defines the PDF split API. Basically it defines the PDFSplitManager class that can be used to split PDF files and extract pages from PDF document.

Public classPdfDocumentOptions
This class encapsulates the options to control the PDF document redering process. The PDFSplitManager class define a reference to an object of this type
Public classPDFSplitDoc
The PDFSplitDoc class encapsulates memory representation of a document resulted after the split process. The main property Buffer gives the PDF document as an array of bytes.
Public classPDFSplitManager
The PDF split manager allows you to split a PDF file or extract a range a pages from the PDF document
Public classSplitPDFException
The exception thrown by the Split PDF library.

Public enumerationPDFCompressionLevel
This enumration represents the possible compression levels that can be used in the PDF documents created by the PDF Split library