EVO PDF to HTML Converter Documentation

EvoPdf.PdfToHtml Namespace

EVO PDF to HTML Converter
The namespace contains the necessary API to convert PDF pages to HTML documents

Public classContextImpersonationOptions
This class encapsulates the options to control the context impersonation during tool execution
Public classPageConvertedEventArgs
The PageConvertedEvent event args
Public classPdfDocumentInfo
This class encapsulates various properties of the PDF document being converted or searched
Public classPdfPageHtml
This class encapsulates the HTML rendering of a PDF page
Public classPdfToHtmlConverter
This class encapsulates the PDF to HTML Converter functionality and allows you to convert the PDF document pages to HTML documents
Public classPdfToHtmlException
This class represents an exception thrown by the PDF to Image converter

Public delegatePageConvertedEventHandler
The PageConvertedEvent event delegate

Public enumerationContextImpersonationLogonMode
The logon mode for impersonation