ConversionSummary Class

EVO HTML to PDF Converter Client Documentation
Offers summary information about the conversion process. After a successful conversion the ConversionSummary property is initialized with an instance of this class.
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Namespace:  EvoPdf.HtmlToPdfClient
Assembly:  EvoHtmlToPdfClient (in EvoHtmlToPdfClient.dll) Version: (

public class ConversionSummary

The ConversionSummary type exposes the following members.


Public propertyHtmlContentSizePixels
The size of the converted HTML content in pixels.
Public propertyHtmlContentSizePoints
The size of the HTML content in points. A point is 1/72 inches. The converter internally transforms the HtmlContentSizePixels in points.
Public propertyHtmlContentWidthResizeFactor
The factor used to resize the HTML content when rendered in the PDF document. When FitWidth property of the PdfDocumentOptions object is true, the HTML content will be resized to fit the PDF page width if necessary.
Public propertyLastPageIndex
The index of the page where the rendering of the HTML ended. This information is useful when new elements are added after conversion.
Public propertyLastPageRectangle
The bounds of the rectangle rendered on the last page. This information is useful when new elements are added after conversion.
Public propertyPdfPageCount
The number of pages in the generated PDF document.
Public propertyPdfPageSizePoints
The page size in points of the generated PDF document
Public propertyRenderedPagesRectangles
The bounds of the rendered rectangle on each PDF page.

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