PdfPage Class

EVO HTML to PDF Converter Client Documentation
Represents a PDF document page
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Namespace:  EvoPdf.HtmlToPdfClient
Assembly:  EvoHtmlToPdfClient (in EvoHtmlToPdfClient.dll) Version: (

public class PdfPage : ElementsRenderer

The PdfPage type exposes the following members.


Public propertyIndex
The index of this page in the parent PDF document
Public propertyIsLoadedPage
A flag indicating if this page was loaded from another PDF document
Public propertyMargins
Gets the page margins
Public propertyOrientation
The PDF page orientation
Public propertyPageSize
Gets the size in points of this PDF page.
Public propertyParentDocument
The parent document of this renderer
(Inherited from ElementsRenderer.)
Public propertyRotationAngle
Gets the PDF page rotation angle
Public propertyShowFooter
Gets or sets a flag indicating if the footer can be displayed on this PDF page
Public propertyShowHeader
Gets or sets a flag indicating if the header can be displayed on this PDF page

Public methodAddElement
Adds the given PDF element to this PDF page
(Overrides ElementsRendererAddElement(PageElement).)
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