StdFontBaseFamily Enumeration

EVO HTML to PDF Converter Client Documentation
This enumeration contains the possible standard font families in a PDF document.

Namespace:  EvoPdf.HtmlToPdfClient
Assembly:  EvoHtmlToPdfClient (in EvoHtmlToPdfClient.dll) Version: (

public enum StdFontBaseFamily

  Member nameValueDescription
None0 Custom font.
Helvetica1 Helvetica
HelveticaBold2 Helvetica Bold
HelveticaOblique3 Helvetica Oblique
HelveticaBoldOblique4 Helvetica Bold Oblique
Courier5 Courier
CourierBold6 Courier Bold
CourierOblique7 Courier Oblique
CourierBoldOblique8 Courier Bold Oblique
TimesRoman9 Times Roman
TimesBold10 Times Bold
TimesBoldItalic11 Times Bold Italic
TimesItalic12 Times Italic
Symbol13 Symbol
ZapfDingbats14 ZapfDingbats
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