LineJoinStyle Enumeration

EVO PDF Client for .NET Core
This enumeration represents the possible styles to join the lines in a PDF document

Namespace:  EvoPdfClient
Assembly:  EvoPdfClient_NetCore (in EvoPdfClient_NetCore.dll) Version: 10.0.0

public enum LineJoinStyle

  Member nameValueDescription
Default-1 Default line join style.
MiterJoin0 The outer edges of the strokes for the two segments are extended until they meet at an angle, as in a picture frame. If the segments meet at too sharp an angle (as defined by the miter limit parameter— see "Miter Limit"), a bevel join is used instead.
RoundJoin1 An arc of a circle with a diameter equal to the line width is drawn around the point where the two segments meet, connecting the outer edges of the strokes for the two segments. This pie slice-shaped figure is filled in, producing a rounded corner.
BevelJoin2 The two segments are finished with caps (see "Line Cap Style") and the resulting notch beyond the ends of the segments is filled with a triangle.
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