PageGraphicElement Class

EVO PDF Client for .NET Core
This abstract class is the base class for all graphic elements that can be added to a PDF document
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Namespace:  EvoPdfClient
Assembly:  EvoPdfClient_NetCore (in EvoPdfClient_NetCore.dll) Version: 10.0.0

public abstract class PageGraphicElement : PageElement

The PageGraphicElement type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBackColor
Gets or sets element background color.
Public propertyBlending
Gets or sets blending mode for transparent rendering mode of the element.
Public propertyClipRectangle
The clip rectangle applied when the element is rendered in PDF
Public propertyForeColor
Gets or sets the element foreground color.
Public propertyGradient
The gradient used to fill a shape.
Public propertyLineStyle
Gets or sets the line style for elements rendering lines.
Public propertyOpacity
Gets or sets element opacity. The opacity is expressed as a value between 0 and 100. 0 means completely transparent and 100 completely opaque. The default value of this property is 100.

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Public methodRotate
Rotates the coordinate system axes clockwise by the specified angle before rendering the element. The coordinates of the element are relative to the rotated coordinates system.
Public methodScale
Scales the coordinates so that 1 unit in the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the new coordinate system is the same size as sx and sy units, respectively, in the previous coordinate system.
Public methodSkew
Skews the x axis by an skewXAngle and the y axis by an skewYAngle before rendering the element.
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Public methodTranslate
Translates the coordinate system before rendering the element. The coordinates of the element are relative to the translated coordinate system.
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